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What is included for your perfect wedding ceremony?

pricingsplashAward Winning Ceremony Writing and Performance

As a published author and a trained actor, I can write you a ceremony that will do justice to your love and your story. I can then make the words flow with a beautiful performance that will add style, meaning, and laughter to your day, as well as touching the hearts of everyone in the room. Be sure to check out my videos, as a guide to my performance style. You can also hear my voice by listening to my weekly podcast on the wedding business, The Celebration Show. My goal is to be the right voice or your hopes, your promises, and your story.

Personal Words that Tell Your Story

Every ceremony I craft is written uniquely or the couple. I begin the creative process by seeking to understand your story. For this reason, I ask each of you to produce for me a “relationship biography.” This can be any length, and any style. I am looking to discover how you met, how your relationship grew, the people and events that have shaped your story, and some of your hopes for the years to come. I use this to write the opening and closing words of your ceremony, as well as to guide me in making sure every piece of the event bits together to create the celebration you are hoping for.

The Right Ceremony Length

I believe the ideal length for a ceremony is around 20 to 25 minutes. Any less than 15 can feel rushed. Going on longer than 30 minutes can start to be a little uncomfortable. In my years of experience, I have learned how to produce a ceremony that makes every minute work tightly to build a perfect whole, from start to finish, that captures the depth of your love in a truly enjoyable and exciting way. I understand what works, and what doesn’t, and how it all fits together.

The Right Ceremony for Your Wedding Size

Every ceremony is unique. Additionally, it is important to understand how to create the appropriate ceremony for the right size and style of wedding. In my years of officiating, I have performed ceremonies of all size and style and have a strong instinct or what will suit you your day, in the event you have planned.

Guidance on Adding Readings

Many couples choose to add readings to the ceremony. Friends or family members may give these, or I am happy to read them for you. The very best readings reflect your style, the way you use language, and your sense of humor. I also know how to select the right reading for your spiritual outlook. You don’t have to have readings in a ceremony, but I can show you how to choose the right text, and where it best fits with everything planned. Be sure to check out my guide to wedding readings, along with 50 suggestions I have seen work well in practice.

Guidance on Adding Special Additions

Adding a unity ritual can be deeply meaningful, as well as making great theater. I have experience in crafting dozens of different ritual types. I can help you choose if this is the right addition for your day, and if so, which ritual truly reflects your story. Be sure to check out my guide to unity rituals for some fun, and unexpected ideas.

Rehearsal Options

I do not insist on wedding rehearsal, but everyone goes through the day with more confidence if you choose to hold one. When a rehearsal is held on a separate day, this is a different event. My rate for rehearsals is $150. Click here to read my guide on wedding rehearsals, and to decide whether holding one is right for you.

Phone / Video / Email Consultation

4 every wedding, I am happy to offer as much advice and consultation as you need, either by telephone, through email, or over a video service such as Skype. I work with couples from all over the country, and all over the world, so am always happy to chat outside normal business hours if that is more convenient.

In-Person Consultation

For my fully customized packages, it is a tremendous help to meet with a couple in person, if that is possible. If you are planning a visit to the area to set things up for your wedding, let me know, and we can schedule a time to meet.

Ceremony Coordination

If you do not have a planner or coordinator, I have a decade of experience in bringing all the elements of a ceremony together. I always arrive at a venue at least an hour before the ceremony, but earlier if needed, and you have me for as long as you need. I can help coordinate all your other ceremony vendors, to make sure everyone is happy and knows how to get the job done. I have many long-standing friendships with top local wedding professionals.

Sweet Elopement

  • Private, with Minimal Customization
  • 5 to 15 Minute Ceremony
  • 20 Guests or Less
  • Traditional Vows, or Your Own Choice
  • Beautiful Modern Wording
  • Marriage Documents Filing
  • Phone/ Video / Email Consultation

Beautifully Customized

$449Most Popular
  • Fully Customized Ceremony based on Your Story
  • 15 to 30 Minute Ceremony
  • Unlimited Guests
  • Personal, Customized, or Traditional Vows
  • Uniquely Written for Your Story
  • Optional Readings Included
  • Optional Special Additions Included
  • Optional Same Day Rehearsal
  • Marriage Documents Filing
  • Phone/ Video / Email Consultation
  • In Person Consultation Up To 2 Hours

Personalized Perfection

  • Complete Personalized Ceremony Package
  • 15 to 45 Minute Ceremony
  • Unlimited Guests
  • Custom Written Vows and Vow Coaching
  • Uniquely Written for Your Story
  • Optional Readings Included
  • Optional Special Additions Included
  • Same Day Rehearsal Included
  • Different Day Rehearsal Not Included (see below)
  • Marriage Documents Filing
  • Phone/ Video / Email Consultation
  • Unlimited In Person Consultation
  • Full Ceremony Coordination

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Ask about my Off-Season, Weekday, and Military discounts!
For different day rehearsals of the ceremony I ask an additional $150 plus travel.
To help you decide if you need a rehearsal I have created a guide to the benefits here.
To secure the date I ask $150 deposit which is deducted from the total fee.