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The Humanist Approach is the most modern and rewarding way to build any important celebration!

Han Hills approach to building the perfect wedding.

1.Let’s talk about your plans and ideas so far.

When you call or e-mail me for that first no-obligation consultation, I’ll be looking to listen to you as much as you will be wanting to talk to me.
The first step for me is always to find out the vision a couple has for their day and their event. In many cases a couple may only have the first glimmers of an idea. Big things always have small beginnings! My job at this point is to listen carefully to the beginnings of that dream and get a feel for how I can help you nurture it and move you closer to your perfect day.
You’ll also be looking to hear if I am the right officiant for you. You can be sure I will be honest, friendly, frank and clear. It is my job to help you.
Be sure to have the date and time of your ceremony if available so I can check my schedule. Weddings are booked very far in advance here in the Carolinas, so I like to know I have you clearly and fully blocked out as a top priority!

2.I love to hear your story. Every couple has one. Every story is unique.

The next items I ask for are for each of you to produce a short biography of your relationship. This can be as long as you like and in any style you like. In fact the more fun and personal you make it the better! This will give me plenty of ideas to offer that suit the theme of your lives, plans and dreams, as well as giving me a true idea of your personal styles. My goal is always to create something unique and true to you both, and nothing helps that along like getting to know your story.
Each wedding I perform is individually designed for the couple. I never work from a repeatable template ceremony!

3. Let’s start putting together some ideas.

If you already have a draft plan of your ceremony I will very much want to read it and give any advice you need or want on how to finish, complete and polish it.

If not, I can build you a possible first draft to give you some ideas with plenty of suggestions.

Once we have that first draft we can get a much better idea of what the ceremony will look like overall.

Remember, I will never charge any extra for any number of drafts or changes. The important thing is to build you a celebration your as completely satisfied with. We are completely open about our fees as we want you to know there will be no surprises on the day.
There are never any hidden extras.

Our standard fee for producing and performing your personalized ceremony is $449.00. If a rehearsal is requested we ask an additional amount of $150. (As this is a service provision no tax is assessed on fees)
A deposit of one third of the expected expenses is required upon booking and the balance is payable on the day of the ceremony. For ceremonies outside New Hanover County travel expenses will also be billed.

4. Putting the final details together.

Once we have a draft you are fully happy I’ll stay in touch approaching the ceremony to make sure all is still on track and answer any questions you have. Always feel you can call me if you have any thoughts or concerns! I am here to help.

5. On the day.

For both a rehearsal and wedding day I will arrive at least 30 minutes early to ensure all the final details are in place. After arriving I’ll take over the paperwork so you have no concerns in that regard. In the Carolinas, proper completion and return of the forms is the legal responsibility of the officiant and it is, of course, a duty I take very seriously.After the ceremony I will collect the signatures and leave you free to enjoy an evening of celebration and hopefully a wonderful honeymoon ahead!

6. After the day.

If you have any questions after the day, about your license or anything else I can help with, always feel free to give me a call. I love hearing how couples have found newly married life, even years after the event. I am proud that mine is a valuable and personal service and I hope you will see this in everything I can do to help you build and experience your perfect day!

Why not call me today on 910-297-0321.

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