Fun Wedding Ideas – The Time Capsule!

At a recent wedding I was very lucky to officiate we decided to create, as part of the ceremony, a time capsule.

The idea was very simple. To store a good bottle of wine and a letter to each other to be opened five years after the moment they took their vows.

So many things can happen in that time. Are they the things we hoped? Will we have become the couple we imagined?

By placing letters to each other in a sealed box along with a VERY good bottle of wine, we are asking these questions of our future married selves but also serving as a reminder of all we hoped, dreamed and pledged when we set foot on that aisle.

As an officiant at many weddings I often talk about hopes and the future a devoted couple standing before me has the chance to build. I wonder whether after the slings and arrows or laundry and checkbooks they will remember those hopes, and still be building on those dreams.

wedding box time capsule

A time capsule gives them a chance to talk to each other down those years, to give a shimmering but smiling memory back to all they were and hoped to be. If not that, at least a great bottle of wine can break some all too practiced icy stares.

One of the most beautiful moments in that ceremony was when they asked the oldest member of their family, a grandfather of 92, to come forward and seal the box. As much as I hope he makes that 97 year milestone, if he does not that simple act alone will serve as a reminder of the value of things loved then and memories cherished still.

In growing old I have sometimes wished I could talk to the self of my past. In a marriage it is perhaps far more important to listen to the words we spoke at the beginning and carry them on again.

This is a wonderful addition to a ceremony I wholeheartedly recommend.

Why did we do it all? Why am I with you? Perhaps a box can help to remind us…

You can purchase one of these beautiful items here:

I make no commission. I just thought it was rather cool…

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