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Your Ceremony, Your Way, Elegant and Professional
Wedding Officiant Wilmington NC – Han Hills

Why Hire a Professional Wedding Officiant?

Your wedding ceremony is the heart and center of your day. It should be the crowning moment, the culmination of all your planning, and a few special minutes that both of you will treasure for the rest of your lives.

You can spend thousands on photographs, flowers, cakes, party favors and dresses, but the success of your wedding ceremony ultimately rests in the hands of the man or woman who is charged with running the show, your wedding Officiant.

Your wedding Officiant needs to know how to balance the serious moments and the fun, how to cope with the unexpected, how to transition flawlessly between vows, ring exchanges, unity ceremonies, readings, processions, recessions, and deal with the many unexpected events that happen during a ceremony.

Many people in the past have chosen the “fun guy in the office” or the “jolly uncle” to perform their ceremony, even though they have no experience, and no knowledge of how a ceremony is created. Would you trust your dress to a first-time dress-maker? Would you trust your wedding cake to someone who hadn’t baked before. How about trusting your wedding pictures to someone who had just snapped a few cat pictures with an iPhone? Of course not! You know way better! Make sure your ceremony is in the hands of a true craftsman, with years of experience, trained in performance skills, with a deep knowledge of what makes a ceremony a powerful experience.

As a proportion of your cost, a professional Wedding Officiant is often just a small fraction of your wedding budget, but is the most essential part of the heart of your day. Why take the risk? Place your ceremony in safe hands, and be sure you will enjoy those moments for the rest of your lives.

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What Does a Wedding Officiant Do?

Your Wedding Officiant…

  • Writes the words that build and surround your vows
  • Helps you find the right vows
  • Controls all the activities and movements of the wedding party
  • Gives clear and on-time cues to start and stop music
  • Understands how to move and stand to help your photographer
  • Behaves professionally at every moment
  • Arrives on time and leaves with grace
  • Understands the local marriage and license laws
  • Dresses correctly for the occasion
  • Has a strong voice and performance skills
  • Has the experience to remain calm in a crisis
  • Helps you choose and perform unity rituals
  • Helps you choose wedding readings and readers
  • Can cope with any last minute changes
  • Puts everyone at their ease. You can relax and enjoy the day!

Han Hills - Wedding Officiant in Wilmington NC - Beautiful, Personalized Marriage CeremonyPersonalized Wedding Ceremonies with Love and Laughter.

Creating a ceremony that is YOUR ceremony first! Unique, beautiful, and amazing!

Practicing as a Wedding Officiant Wilmington NC and beyond since 2006, I help couples create unique and personal ceremonies that capture and celebrate their story and style. It would be my honor to help you to discover your perfect wedding day.
I am also President of the Society of Celebrations, a non-profit organization to train and ordain professional celebrants.
This year I published The Complete Celebrant Handbook (2016), with over 500 pages of ceremony ideas and practical guidance from my own career. Why not check it out at: I am also the author of The Humanist and Non-religious Celebrant Handbook (2015).

“The most rewarding job I know…”

I love what I do. I believe that special ceremonies to mark important events for people and families are some of the things that truly make us a human community. I put my heart and spirit into every ceremony I perform. I use every ounce of my energy and skill to move everyone present to laughter and tears. Whichever way you choose, I am proudest when there is not a dry eye in the house.

I listen first, then turn your hopes into realities.

I specialize in ceremonies where the focus is on people rather than tradition. Sometimes, serious, sometimes exploding with fun, sometimes religious, but often just about who you both are as a couple.
My greatest skill is in helping couples to create their own wedding vows directly from the heart.

“Every occasion is first about the people…”

Because I am not tied to any faith tradition, I am free to help you realize any and all ideas you have. Every word, action and song of your ceremony can be completely focused on your experience as a person, as a couple, as a family, as a community.

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